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Bike Hitch Rack 101: Choosing The Best Bike Rack For Suv

Best Bike Rack

Did you know that the first bicycle was introduced into the world in 1817? The idea of a bicycle was conceptualized and brought to life by a German inventor called Karl von Drais. During that time, the historic bicycle was referred to as velocipede. It was also referred to as the running machine and draisine. Since the introduction of the first bike in 1817, bicycles have become a part of our lives. Some use it for fun while others use it as a means of transport. No matter the case, the need for bicycles and increased popularity has brought the need for Bike racks for SUVs. In this article, we shall look at the top tips of buying the best bike hitch rack because if you key in the best hatch rack or bike rack for SUV, chances are you will get thousands of different answers. In this article, we shall help you in the decision process so that the next time you walk into a bike shop, you exactly what to look for and what to avoid. So make sure to read the entire blog piece.

Understand the different types of bike hitch racks.

In a world full of diversity, expect to find a wide range of bike hitch rack. Regarding the best bike rack for SUV, there are a couple of types of bike racks for one to decide on. The most common causes of the bike hitch rack include truck mounts,roof mounts, and hitch carriers. Each of these different types of bike hitch rack come with its set of pros and cons which is worth looking out for when buying the best bike rack for SUV.

What is the number of bicycles that need to be transported by the bike hitch rack?

After looking for the different pros and cons of each bike hitch rack, the next step is to ask yourself, what is the number of bicycles you are planning to transport on the bike hitch rack? Is it 1 or 2 bicycles? Maybe it is 3 or 4 bicycles? Or perhaps even more than four bicycles?

Each bike hitch rack, paying little heed to the model, has a fluctuating number of bicycles that it can support. So when you realize the number of bicycles you’d prefer to convey, consider a rack that can coordinate the work.

The most extreme load of the rack is additionally as significant as possible convey. So you would prefer not to leave out this factor while deciding the number of bicycles you need to convey. Knowing the number of pounds a rack can deal with is an easy decision. On the off chance that the rack conveys one bicycle, watch out for the suggested weight from the producer. On the off chance that it conveys more than one bicycle, producers will regularly show weight per bicycle.  

What is the type of car you are planning to mount the bike hitch racks in?

Numerous vehicle proprietors battle to sort out which rack is best for their vehicle and end up with some unacceptable bike hitch rack that will not pack a punch. Comprehend that your vehicle’s model will extraordinarily influence your alternative, so it’s a deciding element that goes far to pick a model that suits your vehicle.

Producers give vehicle fit aides, which you can use to recognize a rack that suits your vehicle model. You additionally need to take a look at the equipping of your vehicle. On the off chance that it has a collector trailer hitch or crossbar, what’s the size? These usually come in 1.25″ or 2″ sizes.

What is your financial Budget ? 

We live in hard financial times, so when looking to buy the best bike rack for suv, understand that cost matters. When it comes to buying the bike hitch racks, ensure that you understand how much you are willing to spend to enjoy the best bike racks for SUVs. Remember, you do not need to go broke while buying the best bike rack for SUV.

Security Matters

After investing thousands of dollars on your bicycles, the next step is to ensure that your bike rack for SUV does protect your bicycles from theft. In recent years there have been an increase in bicycles theft so buying the best bike racks for SUV should have a security element in that your bicycle is well protected. Does the bike hitch rack have a security feature to protect your bikes from bulgary? In case it does, how sophisticated are the security features? Can the security features be easily be bypassed?

What is the Fuel efficiency of the bike hitch racks?

As mentioned earlier, we are living in tough economic times. Everything seems to be skyrocketing, even the fuel costs. Considering that mounting a bike hitch rack will impact the fuel consumption of the car, you need to consider one that is more fuel-efficient. Concerning fuel consumption, using the rooftop bike hitch rack will increase fuel consumption by almost 30%. This is because of air resistance. On the other hand, bike hitch racks mounted at the back are known to be more fuel-efficient.

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